Loop Statements

Opsin supports both while and for loops.

while loops

while loops in Opshin work just like in Python. They have a body and a boolean expression and the code in the body is looped while the boolean expression returns True.

count = 0

while count < 5:
    print("'count' is ", count, ".")
    count += 1

for loops

for loops are use for iterating over lists and other iterables. The loop through the elements of the iterable and executes the code in the block using the element from the list.

names = ["Ada", "Voltaire", "Basho"]
for name in names:

for i in range(10):

Dictionaries are also iterables and they can be iterated over using a for loop:

scores = {"Byron": 1200, "Vasil": 900, "Ada": 1790, "Shelley": 1400}

# Iterating over the keys and values using '.items()'
for name, score in scores.items():
    print(name + " scored: " + str(score))

# Iterating over the keys using '.keys()'
for name in scores.keys():

# Iterating over the values using '.values()'
for score in scores.values():