A growing list of the Python builtin functions is being implemented in OpShin. It will be documented here.

all(x: List[bool]) -> bool

Returns whether all booleans in a list are True.

any(x: List[bool]) -> bool

Returns whether any of the booleans in a list is True.

abs(x: int) -> int

Returns the absolute value of an integer.

bytes(x: int) -> bytes

Returns a bytestring with 0s of length x.

bytes(x: List[int]) -> bytes

Returns a bytestring where every byte corresponds to one integers in x.

chr(x: int) -> str

Returns the character for unicode code point x.

hex(x: int) -> str

Returns the hexadecimal representation of an integer.

len(x: Union[bytes, List[Anything]]) -> int

Returns a the length of x for bytes and lists.

max(x: List[int]) -> int

Returns the maximum of all integers in a list.

min(x: List[int]) -> int

Returns the minimum of all integers in a list.

oct(x: int) -> str

Returns the octal representation of an integer.

pow(x: int, y: int) -> str

Returns xy

range(x: int) -> List[int]

Returns the integers from 0 to x-1 as a list.

reversed(x: List[Anything]) -> List[Anything]

Returns the reversal of list x.

str(x: Anything) -> str

Returns a stringified representation of x.

sum(x: List[int]) -> int

Returns the sum of all integers in a list.